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Pontefract News March 14, 2016

Pontefract - A Property Hotspot

A recent survey by the Halifax lists Pontefract as the second most popular place in the UK to buy a house. Our own Magna Carta town is well known for its castle, its markets, its liquorice and its picturesque location in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside.

Whilst the general trend saw house sales across England and Wales fall by 8%, Pontefract is bucking the trend with a 20% increase in sales compared to 2014 figures. It makes the town the second liveliest housing market in the UK, just behind Salford which takes top spot.

Pontefract locals won’t be surprised. We’ve known all along that this little pocket in the English countryside has much to offer in terms of facilities and lifestyle. But for house buyers and sellers in the region, the news is especially good as there’s never been a better time to get your property ball rolling — whichever side of the transaction you’re on.

If you’re considering moving into the area, here are some of the attractions you can look forward to, on top of the benefits a buoyant housing market offers:

Pontefract Castle

It’s now a ruin, but central to Pontefract’s heritage as a Magna Carta Town, the Pontefract Castle draws visitors from far and wide offering a tantalising glimpse into the past. During the civil war back in the 17th century, prisoners were held in the castle’s magazine (a military store), an underground chamber carved from the sold rock on which the castle stands. It’s one of the most popular exhibits in the castle, where visitors on a staff led tour can only imagine what it must have been like for those held captive.

Pontefract Racecourse

Boasting the longest, circular flat course in Europe, Pontefract racecourse has a packed programme of events including Family Sundays with rides for the kids, free sweets, a circus, and loads more. Seasoned racegoers and first timers are welcomed to race meetings, with regular fixtures throughout the season.

Shopping and Dining

We’re not short of retail therapy venues when you’re in need of a fashion fix, and neither are we short of watering holes when you need refreshment. Pontefract boasts more pubs, restaurants, cafes and shops than you could hope to frequent on a single visit, so there’s more than enough to sustain a flourishing local population on the lookout for something different.

Festivals and Nearby Attractions

Pontefract has excellent communication links, being close to the M62. Whether you fancy a city day out or you’re just casting your net a little beyond the town, places like Xscape Yorkshire and Junction 32 outlet village are just a hop away. For traditionalists, Pontefract still has a liquorice presence with the famous Pontefract Cakes and an annual festival with fun, themed events across the town. Neighbouring villages and towns also offer pleasing days out, each with their own character.

An Ideal Lifestyle

Far from being a remote backwater, Pontefract and the surrounding area is alive with activity, providing entertainment for all the family from the smallest to the most senior. With the acclaimed Yorkshire countryside right on the doorstep and excellent transport links that make the rest of the UK easy to reach, you have a recipe for the kind of relaxed but connected lifestyle everyone wants.

Buying or Selling - The Time is Right

If you’re thinking of moving to Pontefract (and judging from the survey results, plenty are), there’s never been a better time. With house sales so buoyant, sellers are encouraged to get their houses listed, more buyers spell keener prices and there’s an exciting buzz in the air around house sales.

At Enfields, our office right in the middle of Pontefract means our finger is always on the pulse and we’re in the vanguard, leading buyers and sellers alike towards a mutually beneficial transaction. We’re always happy to receive new enquiries, doing our bit to keep Pontefract right at the top of the most sought after areas.

Pontefract: A lively place to live

Pontefract:  Lots of family fun days and events

Pontefract - A Property Hotspot

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