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Property Advice December 11, 2017

Is Christmas a Good Time to Sell Your House?

If you’re contemplating getting your house on the market in the near future, you may be wondering what’s the best time. Should you leave it till the New Year? Does anyone bother with house hunting over the Christmas period?

The Vicious Circle that Dampens the Christmas Property Market

Ask most agents around the Pontefract area and they’ll probably advise leaving off marketing your property until the New Year.

Not us.

When you understand what drives the market, you can see the false reasoning behind the advice to wait.

It’s actually a vicious circle. House sellers are advised to wait, so buyers see fewer properties available. Sellers see fewer reported sales, so think buyers aren’t interested. One mind-set feeds the other.

In truth, the buyers who were looking earlier in the year haven’t gone away. They’re still looking and will buy, even over Christmas, if the right house comes along.

Your house could be that ‘right house’.

Christmas House Prices Are Good

It’s a well known fact that what’s in short supply costs more. This works beautifully in the seller’s favour, whether you’re selling property or platinum.

When fewer houses enter the market, those that do can often command a higher price simply because the market is less saturated. Fewer properties means less choice, which in turn stimulates fiercer competition between buyers who don’t want to miss the boat.

Jump on a Different Bandwagon

When everyone is selling, the crowded market makes it harder to be heard and seen.

What you need is a trailblazing estate agent, and at Enfields we enjoy taking a refreshingly different approach. It works, too. We’ve sold enough houses in the Christmas period to know what we’re talking about and even sold on Boxing Day before!

And the really great news? If your house doesn’t sell over Christmas, you’ll be ready and waiting to attract all the new buyers who’ll register in the New Year. In effect, you’re leading the way, and that gives you a much stronger chance to attract the right attention. You can’t lose.

Give us a call, and we’ll arrange a free, no obligation consultation to discuss putting your property ahead of the crowd.



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