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Property Advice December 11, 2017

Tips for Successful Christmas House Selling

Here are some top tips on the type of Christmas decorating that makes the house attractive to buyers.

• Don’t decorate the house before the photos are taken. Nothing dates a property like out of season photos. We’ve all seen the snowy property photos in the middle of summer, and all they do is let people know how long the house has been on the market. The same goes for Christmas decorations in January. No matter how late in December your estate agent arrives to take photos, hold off on the decorating until they’ve been. Or, be prepared to take them down then put them up again after the event.

• Decorate with subtlety. Christmas is a wonderful time of year for creating a homely, cosy and sophisticated atmosphere around the place. It’s the one time no one raises an eyebrow at lit candles in the middle of the day, or arrangements of fruit and nuts, flowers and wreaths artfully gracing polished surfaces. We all stage the house over Christmas, and buyers won’t expect yours to be barren. However, the mantra less is more was never more true. Avoid the temptation to pack every corner with blow-up Santas and singing reindeer. The idea is to put festive sparkle and warmth into the home, not overwhelm your viewers and obscure the house’s features. The rule about keeping clutter at bay still stands.

• Minimise the colour palette. Decorations are less gaudy when there is a coherent colour pattern and theme. Also, if possible, choose a colour and theme that complements your decor and the style of your property. For instance, keep to classic, traditional decorations in older properties, or go for more modern styles in contemporary ones.

• Don’t let the tree overwhelm the space. If your tree is so big that it takes up much of the floor space in the room it’s in, consider downsizing just for this year. Big trees will make the room seem smaller, and cramped homes don’t sell as well as spacious ones.

• Try not to incorporate too much additional furniture. We all do it over Christmas, from adding floor cushions for children to sit on, to having extra dining chairs squeezed around the table. If you have to have extra furnishings, try to hide them during viewings by spreading them between other rooms or moving items into the garage or loft.

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